Paperless classrooms, Pt 4 – My personal fears and hopes and qualms and goals / Bits and pieces / Some things to think about or read

by mathsispoetic

To be quite honest: when I truly want to come to grips with an article I’m reading for uni, I print it out. Oh sure, I print two sheets to a page and double sided, but it’s still a print-out. And true, I don’t have an ipad or Kindle or any other paper-substitute of my own just yet so I can’t speak with absolute authority – but I am convinced that I will never truly convert to e-readers. Perhaps this will be the identifying sign of people born in the 20th century? Or maybe I am being fanciful. But ipads and interactive white boards: these I can definitely get behind. All my reference material and textbooks and graphing software in a single place? Yes. Hooking my laptop (or ipad or…) up to a screen without excessive fiddling around (as I have previously rhapsodised about)? YES. I guess my conclusion is that I am prepared to dip my toe into the world of education technology – just as long as I don’t have to love or adopt all of it!

Oh and here are some interesting links I don’t have time or space to properly discuss but are worth a look: