Paperless classrooms, Pt 3 – What can ipads do for us?

by mathsispoetic

I had a bit of a look-around to see what are some of the basic things that an ipad could do for me-as-a-teacher, and these are some of the apps that I decided I would absolutely need:

 A handwriting app (I need this!)

A good graphics calculator (CAS) equivalent:

General mathematics technology:

Maybe some ebooks…? You’re looking at about $10-20 for one, and normal textbooks start at $50. See, technology SAVES you money!!

But for me the real question is, what can a particular ebook about ADD to the experience (ie, what can it do that a standard bound paper book can’t)? It’s worth taking a look at the ebook section in this (the entirety of which is a fascinating read).