Paperless classrooms, Pt 2 – Pros and cons of the digital classroom, generally

by mathsispoetic

Before waxing too lyrical about the benefits of current technology, take a look at these two articles – and (To sum them up, they say that technology is useless unless carefully planned and implemented and it actually ADDS to the learning experience, instead of adding a shiny veneer to what a classroom is going to look like regardless.) As the very sensible Dan Meyer puts it:

“Then consider the difference between a teacher who uses blogs, wikis, podcasts, vodcasts, VoiceThread, Operator11, SlideShare, TeacherTube, Flickr, Animoto, and one who doesn’t. The difference between the two is less obvious neither is it necessarily positive. When used improperly and uncreatively, these tools do more harm than good1.”

Next post – so, what CAN ipads (in particular) do for us?